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Wall Water Heater


Central heating filters are used to reduce the amount of damaging debris in the heating system, it also maintains maximum efficiency.

The most common type of filters are magnetic central heating filters, a must have to keep things running as they should.


A power flush removes limescale build up and any other impurities from your radiators, so they can provide heat more efficiently.

It can also reduce the risk of your heating failing in the future.

If you have been experiencing heating problems, it could mean you need a power flush.


A Gas safety certificate is a legal requirement. As a property owner it is your legal responsibility to ensure that all gas appliances are in a safe and working order.

This is for any type of gas appliance, such as a central heating boiler, gas hob or gas fire, a gas safe certificate is required to verify this.

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Everyone wants to help the environment and what better way to start than in the home.

At Whisper London we can advise, supply and fit a range of products to help reduce your energy usage.

Ask us about how we can help you save money, and help the environment at the same time.


Air Conditioning systems for your home or business can be essential.

That's why at Whisper London our team of knowledgeable and friendly experts will help advise you on the right products and maintenance packages to suit your needs.
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Smart thermostats as you might know are the way forward, they can help you save money and energy which is more important than ever.

A smart thermostat can be completely customised to the user's needs and they can even be controlled remotely via a smartphone, bringing you complete control over your energy usage.

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