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A good driveway or patio can not only give your property aesthetic value, but add property value too. At Whisper London, we work with you to choose the right design that gives you the elegant finish you have been looking for.


At Whisper London, we believe at the heart of any successful water feature is a solid mechanical & electrical design. Thats why our team of passionate experts work tirelessly to design the perfect addition to your property, all the while keeping it cost effective.
So you can keep those extra pennies for your next project.



The removal of trees in any location can be a daunting and dangerous task.

At Whisper London our team of passionate experts will always use the right equipment and plan ahead, ensuring your garden is kept in safe hands.


Garden maintenance can require constant attention. At Whisper London our expert gardening team will do everything from grass cutting, hedge design, autumn lawn care and irrigation. We will ensure your property is always looking its best, whether it be a small plot or the size of a cricket pitch!


Decking is a great way to utilise and uplift the value of your outdoor space.

Whether it be for those spring days watching your garden burst into life,

or those autum nights entertaining with a impromptu barbeque.

Whisper London is here to help make your dream deck a reality.


At Whisper London we possess all the necessary skills and experience to provide you with all different types of fencing styles and designs.
Our team has always had a professional approach and emphasis on quality, as a result we are proud to say the majority of our work comes from personal recommendation.

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